Who is eligible to register for the bootcamp?

All Johns Hopkins (except Carey Business School) Faculty, Staff, Post-doctoral Fellows, Students and Residents are eligible to register. Currently enrolled students of the Carey Business School may take the available courses already in the catalog and therefore cannot register for the Bootcamp

I don't have an idea to work on. Can I still register?

Yes. If you do not have your own idea, you have two options - 1) Find another person at the Bootcamp that has an idea and join their team to help develop theirs - ideas are available here 2) Find a technology from the Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer website to work on as a project

Are there any membership limits on teams?

Yes. We require a minimum of three members on every team to efficiently divide the workload.

How do I register?

Instructions on registering are given here

A colleague and I both want to register to work on an idea as a team. Is that possible?

Yes. When you register and fill out the form on our website, please list names of your team members in the appropriate box. 

What is tuition remission? Am I eligible?

Tuition remission is a JHU benefit for Staff and Faculty only. Details on the benefit can be found here. Registered full-time Students do not need to apply for tuition remission as they can take classes for free.

If I am not a student and not eligible for tuition remission, how much does this Bootcamp cost?

$1000 (or $500 per credit hour)

Is attendance at all sessions mandatory?

Absolutely. To obtain tuition remission, credits, and/or certificate of completion, you must attend all days and complete the required assignments.

Where can I find the course syllabus and readings?

These are available on blackboard.jhu.edu. Once you register for the course, the blackboard site will be visible to you.

What are the credits good for?

The two credits earned in this Bootcamp can be applied to a degree or certificate program at the Carey Business School, should you later choose to enroll.  Note that if you are currently enrolled as a student at Carey, you are not eligible to register for this Bootcamp. There are courses in entrepreneurial ventures, entrepreneurial finance, entrepreneurial marketing, managing teams, Discovery to Market, and so on that you can take. Please check with your academic advisor.